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    It had too much bling…

    My older brother actually thought about me enough to buy me something at the store for no reason whatsoever. The gift was a gaudy panda pendant with a chain. My excitement from receiving a gift from this rather distant sibling was thoroughly extinguished soon after his presentation of the necklace and my rationalization that I would never wear it. The internal struggle when deciding whether or not to accept it was fierce. I’m sure most people would gladly accept anything unconditionally; however, the giver is my brother, and at least with him I will be my practical, peculiar, picky self. I tried to find some redeeming value in it, though I most likely didn’t show it. I brought up “Forward unto Dawn” episode 4 to get him to talk while I made up my mind. (He downloaded all the books after watching this episode. He’s such a geek.) Really, if I did take the panda necklace, it would most likely end up in one of my drawers only to see the light of day twice every year (maybe less). I think I made the best decision for me, but I am a little sad that his effort on me was wasted. Good thing he has a wife, hahahah!

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