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    "Isn’t it sad how we can be more worried about what others think of us than what God thinks of us?"
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    This must be what really old feels like..

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    Oh, no… I picked the wrong hair in Destiny! I chose this:


    But when I played the beta I decided I’d go with this:

    Now I have to restart. Bleh.

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Lake Como, Italy.
Watermelon - Lemon - Celery - Apricot - Blueberries - Banana - Fennel


    Lake Como, Italy.

    Watermelon - Lemon - Celery - Apricot - Blueberries - Banana - Fennel

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    PP's pretty persistent.

    Pen pal: The bible says in Genesis 2:18 it is not good for the man to be alone. The Lord knows what is best every time. So even though I decide to be alone God will do a way to find the Eve for me. And I know God wants you to meet your Adam :)
    Me:  The Lord also said in 1 Corinthians 7 that if a Christian can control himself or herself, then it is better for them to remain unmarried. God wants us to have companions/friends, but not everyone has to get married.
    Pen pal:  Yeah that is the teaching of Paul but our creator who is in heaven designed man to have a partner so I believe in the instinct of human to find and to long for love/partner. :) You will feel that way someday.
    Me:  You haven't convinced me. But if it makes you feel better, then I'll say, "If the Lord tarries and the creek don't rise, then I will revisit that idea when I'm older and (hopefully) much wiser."
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